Russian Language Online Course for Beginners

Russian Language Online Course for Beginners – It is important for beginners to learn a foreign language because it opens the door to wider opportunities in personal and professional aspects. Foreign languages ​​such as Russian can increase competitiveness in the global job market, expand social networks, and increase understanding of different cultures.

Russian Language Online Course for Beginners

However, understanding new structures and vocabulary for beginners will be difficult, making it difficult to create conversations. But you don’t need to worry because Lingua Learn provides an effective solution by providing an online foreign language learning platform for beginners. Here are some online classes for learning foreign languages ​​for beginners on Lingua Learn that you can take:

1. 20 Hours 1-on-1 Foreign Language Online Class

Are you 17 years old or older and want to learn a certain foreign language? This class is perfect for you. Study a foreign language as needed intensely for 20 hours of learning with our expert mentors. There will be a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session for you.

2. Russian Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Want to learn Russian with a supportive class and interactive mentor? Join this one class. With 30 hours of academic study, basic Russian language material will be delivered easily and systematically. Don’t miss the assessment session and get the CEFR-level certificate.

3. Pre-Foreign Language Assessment Course

Already have experience learning a foreign language and want to test your skills? Just take 15 minutes to take this assessment class via Zoom. Our mentors will accurately assess your foreign language skills to determine the right class for you.

4. Russian Online Course A1.2 Beginners Evening Public Group

Just have some free time in the evening to improve your Russian? join this first class. This Russian language material for level 2 beginners will be delivered over 30 academic hours which will not feel boring by our interactive mentor. There will be an assessment session upon completion and a CEFR-level certificate for you.

5. Public Group A1.1 Portuguese Online Course

Still a beginner in Portuguese? Improve your basic skills in this class. Our expert mentors will provide Portuguese language material for beginners easily and systematically over 30 academic hours. Don’t be afraid to take an assessment session to test your understanding, there will be a CEFR-level certificate for you later.

6. Semi-Private Foreign Language Training 2 Students

You don’t have to study a private foreign language alone, you can study with one other person in this semi-private class. This class will provide an exclusive and intense foreign language learning experience for 20 academic hours. After completing the learning there will be a CEFR level certificate for you.

7. 1 hour 1-on-1 Foreign Language Training

This class is perfect for those of you who can only spare 1 hour to learn a foreign language. There are many foreign language options that you can choose here according to your needs. Short, concise, and clear material regarding certain foreign languages ​​will be delivered systematically for 1 hour by our expert mentors. You will also receive a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

8. Turkish Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Want to understand the basics of Turkish for beginners? Join this first class. Learning for 30 academic hours will not feel boring with mutually supportive classes and interactive mentors who are of course experts. There will be an assessment session and a CEFR-level certificate as proof of assessment of your Turkish language skills.

9. Japanese Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Do you intend to go to Japan to travel, continue your studies or work? Learn the language easily in our class. There is basic Japanese language material for beginners which our mentor will explain systematically over 30 academic hours. You are also required to take an assessment to obtain a CEFR-level certificate.

10. Indian Languages ​​Online Course A1.1 Beginners Public Group

Want to master the basics of the Indian language for beginners? This class is the right choice. 30 hours of academic learning with a mentor and fun classes will help you understand the basic Indian language materials for communication.

11. Public Group Beginner A1.1 Chinese Online Course

Having trouble learning Mandarin for beginners? Learn easily with our expert mentors in this class. Systematic basic Chinese material will be presented over 30 academic hours to help you understand it.

12. Korean Language Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Korean is also becoming a trend with the increasing popularity of K-Drama and K-Pop. If you are also interested in learning basic Korean for beginners then this class is for you. 30 academic hours of study with expert mentors and fun classes will give you a basic understanding of Korean.

Knowing and being able to communicate using a foreign language, even if only at a basic level, is certainly enough to give you added value. You will be better prepared for global competition as well as for personal needs. Don’t hesitate to improve your foreign language skills with Lingua Learn.