Mandarin Course Online Class by Lingua Learn

Mandarin Course Online Class by Lingua Learn – The uniqueness of the Mandarin language lies in its logographic character system called Hanzi. This character allows the expression of deep meaning through complex characters. In this language structure, four-note intonation is a characteristic that can change the meaning of words.

Mandarin Course Online Class by Lingua Learn

Different grammars, including particles and word order, enrich the expression and present challenges in its learning. For beginners, it will certainly be confusing to learn it easily. But you don’t need to worry if you are interested in learning it, join the following Lingua Learn foreign language class:

1. 20 Hours 1-on-1 Foreign Language Online Class

Want to quickly become proficient in communicating in a foreign language? Join our 20 hours of 1-on-1 private classes with our qualified mentors. You will be guided intensively to master the foreign language material needed to communicate. Once the learning is complete, you will also receive a CEFR-level certificate.

2. Russian Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

One of the foreign language classes that you can take here is a basic Russian class. You can learn basic Russian easily and systematically with our mentors for 30 academic hours. There will be a CEFR-level certificate for you after the learning and assessment session is completed.

3. Pre-Foreign Language Assessment Course

Want to assess your foreign language skills after previously studying it? Take our 15-minute assessment class to find out. Together with our mentor, the assessment will be carried out accurately via the Zoom platform. That way we can guide you in choosing the right class.

4. Russian Online Course A1.2 Beginners Evening Public Group

Having mastered basic Russian for first-level beginners, continue your learning in this class. This evening class will provide you with advanced material for basic Russian that will further solidify your understanding. For 30 academic hours, our mentor will guide you interactively, and get a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the learning.

5. Public Group Beginner A1.1 Portuguese Online Course

Want to be fluent in speaking Portuguese when you visit there? Join our Portuguese class. Here you will get basic Portuguese language material for beginners for 30 academic hours. Guided by our expert and experienced mentors, learning will feel easy to understand until you master it.

6. Semi-Private Foreign Language Training 2 Students

Private study doesn’t always have to be alone, you can learn a foreign language with another friend in this class. Private 2 students for 20 hours of learning will be fun with our interactive mentor. There are many foreign languages ​​that you can choose according to your needs, and get a CEFR-level certificate after completing the learning.

7. 1 hour 1-on-1 Foreign Language Training

Do you only have 1 hour of free time to learn a foreign language? Take our intense 1-on-1 private foreign language class for 1 hour. Our mentors will provide you with the foreign language materials you need to communicate during the short lesson. After completing the learning you will also receive a CEFR level certificate.

8. Turkish Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Planning a visit to Turkey, of course, it would be better if you master the language, even if only at a basic level. Our Turkish classes are perfect for beginners who want to learn, in just about 30 hours of study you will master the basics of the language. That way, the experience of your visit there will of course be more memorable.

9. Japanese Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

With all its progress, Japan is also a country that still upholds its local wisdom. It’s not surprising that many people want to visit it for vacation, work, or to continue their studies. If you plan to visit, it’s best to practice your Japanese with our Japanese class for ease of communication. 30 hours of study here will help you understand basic Japanese for easy communication.

10. Indian Languages ​​Online Course A1.1 Beginners Public Group

There are many unique things about this country whose population is one of the largest in the world. If you plan to visit there, it would be better if you learn the language first for ease of communication. With our 30 hours of Indian language classes, learn the basics of Indian language for your ease of communication.

11. Public Group Beginner A1.1 Chinese Online Course

As previously explained, Mandarin has its complexities. But our mentors will explain it easily and systematically for you to understand in this 30-hour basic Chinese class. Make sure you also take part in the assessment session after completing the learning and getting the CEFR-level certificate.

12. Korean Language Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Korea, with the progress of its entertainment industry, has made its culture and language widely studied by many people throughout the world. Interested in learning it too, join our basic Korean language class for beginners. This 30-hour lesson will help you understand the basics of Korean for ease of communication.

Mastering a foreign language will certainly be an added value for you. At least you won’t have difficulty communicating when visiting a foreign country. Lingua Learn foreign language classes will guide you to master the foreign language you need, and get easy foreign language learning at Lingua Learn.