Italian Course for Beginners

Italian Course for Beginners by Lingua Learn – The country that was the birthplace of the Roman Empire has historical traces that are reflected in its classical architecture. The language itself is a symbol of love and art that highlights its rich culture, history, and beautiful nature.

Italian Course for Beginners by Lingua Learn

However, learning Italian is a challenge for those of you who are still beginners. Complex verb conjugations are difficult for beginners to understand, but you don’t need to worry because Lingua Learn is here to help. We have various Italian classes that you can take online such as:

1. Private Italian Language Training 20 Hours 1-on-1 Online Class

Want to quickly become fluent in speaking Italian? This private class for 20 hours of academic learning is the right choice. An interactive mentor will help you understand Italian easily and quickly.

2. Italian A1.1 Beginner Public Group Online Course

We also have public classes if you like studying with friends. 30 academic hours of interactive learning with friends and mentors will be more fun for beginners. Don’t miss the assessment sessions to gauge your understanding.

3. Italian Pre-Language Assessment Course

If you have previously studied Italian and want to know which class is suitable, it is recommended that you take an assessment class first. Take 15 minutes to take the assessment with our mentors via Zoom to gauge your understanding.

4. Beginner Italian A1.2 Weekend Public Group Online Course

For those of you who have time on the weekend and already understand beginner level 1 Italian, you can continue with this class. Get exclusive lessons with expert mentors to hone your Italian.

5. Italian A1.2 Beginner Public Group Online Course

Don’t want to lose your weekend, then you can choose this first class. 30 academic hours of exclusive learning will be guided by our experienced mentors. Don’t miss the assessment session and get a CEFR-level certificate.

6. Semi-Private Italian Language Training 2 Students

If you want to study privately, but don’t want to be alone, it is recommended that you join this class. You and another friend will study intensely for 20 academic hours with our expert mentors. Get a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

7. Private Italian Language Training 1 hour 1-on-1

Haven’t had enough time yet? Don’t worry, we have a 1 Hour private class for you. Get 1 hour of easy-to-understand learning material from our expert and interactive mentors. Also, get a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

8. Basic Italian Online Course A2.1 Public Group

Already understand the basic material of the first level, continue your learning in this class. There are 30 hours of academic learning with fun classes and interactive, genuine mentors. There is always an assessment at the end of the session and a CEFR-level certificate here.

9. Basic Italian Online Course A2.2 Public Group

Complete the basic Italian material in this class to solidify your basic knowledge. With 30 academic hours of learning, you will further deepen your understanding of basic Italian material.

10. Pre-Intermediate Italian Online Course B1.1 Public Group

Before entering intermediate-level Italian material, it is recommended to start from this class. 30 academic hours of pre-intermediate Italian further study that will further deepen your understanding.

11. Pre-Intermediate Italian Online Course B1.2 Public Group

Complete your pre-intermediate Italian learning in this class before moving on to the intermediate level. 30 academic hours of study that will further open your Italian language horizons. Get a CEFR-level certificate after completing the previous assessment session.

12. Intermediate Italian Online Course B1.3 Public Group

After completing the pre-intermediate learning, continue with the intermediate Italian class here. Complete 30 hours of academic learning with a fun class and mentor to earn a CEFR certificate after the assessment session.

13. Intermediate Italian Online Course B1.4 Public Group

Still want to improve your Italian skills, continue studying 30 academic hours in this intermediate level 4 class. Don’t hesitate to ask our mentors various questions about Italian to further deepen your understanding.

14. Public Group B2 Upper-Intermediate Italian Online Course

Want to speak like a Real Italian? Complete your Italian learning in this class. Its 30 hours of academic study are ready to make you sound like a real Italian.

With a good understanding of Italian, you will speak Italian fluently. You will be ready to go on holiday, continue your studies, or work in Italy without fear of communication problems. Join Lingua Learn’s Italian language class.