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English Language School Online Lingua Learn – English as a global language not only functions as a means of communication across borders but also opens access to various cultures and ideas. The importance of learning this language includes career benefits and a deep understanding of art, literature, and technology.

English Language School Online Lingua Learn

Although learning English can be challenging, Lingua Learn comes as the best solution to gain a solid understanding. As the best online foreign language learning platform, Lingua Learn offers interactive learning methods and time flexibility that makes learning easier. With experienced mentors, Lingua Learn opens the door to the world of English efficiently and fun. Here are some of Lingua Learn’s best English classes:

1. 20 Hours 1-on-1 Online English Private Class

Want to quickly become fluent in English? Our 20-hour private class of academic learning could be the solution. Exclusive learning with experienced expert mentors will unlock your understanding of the English language. You will also be given a CEFR-level certificate as proof of completing the training.

2. English A1.2 Beginner Public Group Online Course

Studying with fun friends and interactive mentors will certainly really help your understanding of English. Start your basic English learning in this class for 30 academic hours to solidify your basic knowledge of the English language.

3. Pre-English Assessment Course

Almost everyone has experience with English, there’s certainly no harm in assessing your English. Take an assessment in this class for just 15 minutes via Zoom, our mentor will measure your abilities accurately to determine the right class.

4. English A2.1 Basic Public Group Online Course

Start your basic English studies in this class, where 30 hours of intense academic study will strengthen your basic understanding. Don’t miss the assessment at the end of the session to get a CEFR certificate afterward.

5. Semi-Private English Training 2 Students

Want to learn English privately with one other person or even your friend? Join this class. The 20 academic hours of intense learning with real, interactive mentors will be fun. Also, get a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

6. One Hour 1-on-1 Private English Training

Don’t have much free time but want to improve your English skills? this class could be the solution. Just spend an hour, our mentors will provide easy-to-understand learning material to improve your abilities. There will be a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session for you.

7. English A2.2 Basic Public Group Online Course

Complete your basic English material in this class, so your basic knowledge will become more mature. 30 hours of academic learning will be easy and fun with an interactive group and mentor.

8. Public Group Pre-Intermediate English B1.1 Online Course

Before moving on to intermediate classes, it’s best to start with our first-level pre-intermediate classes. Your knowledge will be further honed with 30 hours of academic learning. Don’t hesitate to take part in the assessment session and get a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

9. Public Group Pre-Intermediate English B1.2 Online Course

Continue your study of pre-intermediate English material in this class. Complete 30 hours of academic learning with a fun group and interactive mentor, learning will feel easy for you. Don’t miss the assessment session and get a CEFR-level certificate as proof of your learning.

10. Public Group Intermediate B1.3 English Online Course

Start your intermediate English learning in this first class. The learning duration of 30 academic hours will improve your English skills. Study in a supportive environment and receive a CEFR-level certificate after completing the learning and assessment.

11. Public Group Intermediate English B1.4 Online Course

Complete your intermediate-level English material here to further mature your skills and understanding. There will be an assessment after 30 hours of intensive learning to measure your abilities. Also, get a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

12. English Online Course B2.1 Upper-Intermediate Public Group

Improve your English skills in this final class, mastering a language that is an official international language will certainly make it easier for you to communicate abroad. Its 30 hours of academic study will further perfect your English. Even the person you are talking to will feel like they are communicating with a native English person.

Practice your English skills with Lingua Learn, an online course for various foreign languages ​​including English. Our classes here are specifically for those who are 17 years or older. Don’t miss the assessment sessions in almost every class and get a CEFR-level certificate as proof of your learning.